Protein drinks for dialysis patients

Discover why protein is so important for patients on dialysis:

Protein is an essential nutrient that helps build muscle, repair tissue, and fight infection. When dialysis filters out wastes from your blood, it can also remove proteins. A higher protein intake is needed to replace lost protein.


Protein drinks for dialysis patients

Protein is essential for dialysis patients to replace the nutrient during the treatment.
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The risks of not consuming enough protein:

If you don’t consume enough protein to make up for what is lost during your dialysis treatment, your body will start to break down your muscles to get the protein it needs. This can cause:

  • Lack of energy and extreme tiredness 
  • Increased risk of infections & hospitalization 
  • Weight loss or muscle wasting

Why is Albumin, the protein in your blood, so important?

You need more albumin when you are on dialysis. The albumin in your blood also helps with fluid removal during dialysis. It helps "pull" extra fluid from swollen tissues back into the blood, which can then be removed by the dialyzer.

Albumin levels are checked monthly when you are on dialysis. Research has shown dialysis patients with an albumin level of 4.0 or higher have fewer hospitalizations and a lower risk of death. 

That's exactly why protein is so important for dialysis patients.

How protein supplements can help increase protein consumption: 

Whether it be a lack of appetite or a lack of energy to cook, sometimes consuming enough high quality protein can be difficult. Protein supplements can offer a quick and convenient way to boost your daily protein intake. Low phosphorus protein supplements can also help you keep your phosphorus intake under control, while still meeting your daily protein needs. Low volume protein supplements can help keep your fluid intake in-check and prevent you from getting too full for food.  

What to look for in your protein supplement:

High quality, complete protein such as whey & collagen protein and calcium caseinate. Soy is a complete, plant based protein option.

Low volume protein supplements (under 6oz) to help control your fluid intake.

Low phosphorus and potassium protein supplements to stay within your daily limitations. 

Vidafuel's easy to drink protein shot for dialysis patients:

Vidafuel dietitians developed a 2oz protein drink that contains 16g of high quality, complete protein. With it's low volume and smooth, light flavor, the Vidafuel protein shot is the quickest and easiest way to meet your daily protein needs. Vidafuel dietitians also made sure to limit the potassium and phosphorus content of the Vidafuel protein shot. 

Discover all Vidafuel kidney-friendly protein drinks and snacks.

Food first: protein options

If you have the appetite to consume food, the best protein comes from animal sources like meat and eggs, or from plant sources as nuts, grains, or beans.

If you have any questions about Vidafuel products, contact one of our dietitians by filling out the form.




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